Holy Crab That's Good


For over 20 years, my family and I have been coming to this local seafood spot in Oxnard, CA to get our crab and shrimp fix.  It's an institution!  Tour groups from Asia actually come in and have lunch here because it's just that good.  

We discovered it when my parents purchased a condo in Oxnard and we stumbled upon this place when looking for a restaurant to cater to a large group of people, and lo-and-behold, H.C. Seafood.  

Here are my recommendations: 

  1. Get there early!  11:00 AM is the time we usually go so we can beat the large crowds. 
  2. If you're eating there, make sure you break up your group and have someone save a table for you guys, it's competitive out there! 
  3. If you can't deal with table hunting, then get it to go and have the staff there crack everything for you before you leave.  They pack up the food really well so it's easy to transport.  
  4. Pack your condiments while you are waiting.  I'm obsessed with vinegar, so I pack like 10.  

They are open all-year, so if you're in Ventura or Santa Barbara, definitely take the trip to Oxnard to check this place out.