Meta Birthday Cupcakes

I love birthdays. It's time to celebrate a person's life and a great excuse to eat a piece of cake.  When I started at my new freelance gig, I had the pleasure sitting next to one of the friendliest people in the office: my new friend Alex. 

Alex is full of energy and loves telling stories about his life and passions, whether they're adorable stories about him and his girlfriend's birthday adventures or a really bad-ass winery in Sonoma, Gunlach Bundschu. It's definitely on my list of wineries to visit this year.

Since he's such a cool guy, I decided to bake some fun cupcakes for him for his birthday.  He told me during one of our many conversations that his perfect birthday cake would be carrot.  I won't lie, I was little surprised because I don't associate carrot cake with birthdays. It's not my favorite type of cake, but whatever, it's not my birthday so who am I to judge.

When I was at the grocery store, I came across some fun decorations in the baking aisle and realized, why not make cupcakes that semi-resemble him?!

Can you see the resemblance?

Alex & his cupcakes #mustachelife

Alex & his cupcakes #mustachelife