How to be a VIP at a food truck park: QCutter

Food trucks are a thing of wonder.  It's a restaurant on wheels usually located somewhere semi-convenient, or if not, then somewhere pretty cool (hello Fort Mason in San Francisco).  However, when something so awesome, there are also cons to it too: LINES.

Living in San Francisco, I have fell victim to waiting in obnoxious lines to try a new restaurant with my husband and/or friends, and justified my actions by saying "Omg it's sooo good though!  Totally worth the wait!"  Well, sure, yes it can be most of the time, but as I have become older, I realized that my time is precious and if there is anyway I can avoid spending it in a line waiting for something, the better!

Lo and behold, I meet a lovely gentleman named Ari who introduces me to his new app, Qcutter.  

Me & Ari (Founder of QCutter)

Me & Ari (Founder of QCutter)

By introduce,  I mean he literally walked up to my friend Gabrielle (I miss you move back already! :P) and I and said "Hey, do you guys want to cut the line by using my app?" Obviously, the L.A in me immediately responded "Yes, OMG I hate waiting in lines."  I soon downloaded his app and fell in love with the concept.  Basically, you pay $1.00 to be able to order the featured item from the food truck, use ApplePay to pre-pay for it, cut the line and go straight to the pick-up area of the truck, show your number and then ta-da you get your meal in a matter of minutes. That's a lot better than waiting in line for free for 45 minutes and having absolutely no time to actually enjoy your food outside. And real talk,  no one ever really enjoys waiting in line right?  Let's be real, if you order food from a food truck during lunch with your friends/colleagues, you're likely going to be eating it at your desk because waiting for the food took up so much time.  Unless you have an amazing lunch schedule where you can take off for over an hour.

I tried it out at Senor Sisig on 2nd Street in SOMA and bought my friend and I burritos in a matter of minutes!     Yep, I was hooked and became a QCutter believer.

I was hooked! I mean, what a brilliant idea right?  I asked Ari what motivated him to develop the app and he let me know that he is a restaurant owner first (he owns Straw & Proposition Chicken - NBD right?) and he understands the pains that food truck owners go through when trying to scale and accommodate their consumers demand.  

He then came up with the idea of Qcutter, where a consumer can purchase the featured item that a food truck is selling through the app, usually their most popular item, and the food truck can prepare themselves to pre-make a certain quantity ahead of time as they see fit in order to be able to quickly turn them around and provide it immediately to their consumers who use QCutter to purchase their dish from them.  It sounds like a win-win situation right? 

Even though I loved the idea, I still wondered to myself, can this scale to a bigger market where multiple food trucks are involved?  I decided to test it out during their official launch at Off The Grid at Fort Mason here in San Francisco. 

Check it out!


Filmed by: David Tang
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