Whiskey Slush

A Rolfes Family Tradition

One day at work at my old job, a few of my co-workers asked me what the objective of my site was and I just told them, plain and simple:  I want to learn how to make dishes from other people and hear the stories behind it.  I totally get that it's rare to find something that someone has not yet done, I mean, hello Pinterest, however, the story and history behind each recipe is unique because everyone has their own take on "x" dish or drink.  

This conversation then led to my former co-worker, Alex Rolfes (yep, Meta Cupcake Guy)  sharing his story about a Rolfes family tradition: Whiskey Slush.  Just the name of the beverage brought back memories of me drinking slushies after long day surfing on the beach with friends back in So.Cal, so I was intrigued to see what kind of memories were associated with his version. 

Here's his story:

Baby Alex and Grandpa Rolfes

Baby Alex and Grandpa Rolfes


During the Christmas of 1995, my grandpa got into the slush in an unprecedented way. As we opened presents, he put everyone's bows in his hair, on his nose, and in the place of his shirt buttons. On his big, round belly he put all of the bows he could fit. His contagious laughter spread to the entire family, and we still laugh about it to this day. This is one of my fondest memories of my grandpa. Little did we know, that was his last Christmas; he passed away four months later. I like to think of that Christmas as his swan song, a final hoorah to a life well-lived by a man who really cared about other people. 

After having a few cups of the slush, I can see why Alex's grandpa loved it so much, it's pretty damn good. Definitely a drink that you can have this summer or any season actually! Enjoy!

Note: Dress by Modern Citizen