Where To Buy The Best Cupcakes In NYC

Brooklyn Floral Delight

Instagram has approximately 400 million users as of 2016, which is insane! What's even crazier is to think that it was through this social media platform that I found my new go-to baker when I'm in NYC: BK Floral Delight, or as I now know her as, Jiahn.  

Learn how you can buy your own cupcakes from BK Floral Delights.



Now as an adult, my taste palette has become more complex and while I still love the taste of Frosted Flakes, eating pure sugar for breakfast doesn't work for me anymore.  I love the combo of sweet and savory now and haven't really found that in a cereal, until I paid Kellogg's NYC a visit in Times Square.  

Check out what my favorite cereal dish was and my attempt to recreate it back home in SF.