How to make cracker seed crostini at work


I work in a typical Silicon Valley office where snacks and food are part of the perks (yes I know I'm lucky and I don't take it for granted). 

But even with an abundance of snacks, I still get bored and want something that isn't already packaged in a small, portioned bag (I still love you Pita Chips & Mini-Hummus). 

So, I decided to figure out how to diversify my snacks & meals here by combining groceries from home with what I have available to me in the office.

For my first hack, I decided to take advantage of the fresh fruit delivery we receive weekly in our office (first world problems I get it)


1 Trader Joe's Whole Grain Crispbread cracker
1 tbsp of créme fraîche (I like this one)
1/2 nectarine (or whatever seasonal fruit you want to put on top)
1 tsp of honey to drizzle


  1. Cut the nectarine into thin slices
  2. Spread the créme fraîche on top of the cracker
  3. Place the nectarine slices on top of the cracker - I am basic so I always try to place things so they are instagram worthy, but do you and put them however you want
  4. Drizzle honey on top of the fruit and cracker
  5. Eat