My Birthday Recap

So, this past weekend, I celebrated my birthday in San Francisco.  It wasn't a milestone birthday, but it doesn't mean that I didn't go all-out to celebrate another start to another year of my life!  I love birthdays, whether it's my own, or someone else's, I love the celebrations that go along with them.  

I think I was brother was more excited about the cake though :P 

I think I was brother was more excited about the cake though :P 

This year, I decided to keep things local and received some glam treatments, a hard-core workout and lovely dinner and drinks! 

Birthday Workout

Firecracker Smoothie, flowers, card & protein bar courtesy of Erica Stenz

Firecracker Smoothie, flowers, card & protein bar courtesy of Erica Stenz

Erika Stenz was the first trainer I went to when I started at Barry's Bootcamp SF.  She is a total force of nature and is one of the loveliest people I've met there.  Earlier last week, she was gracious to invite me to take a class with her on my actual birthday, and of course I said yes!  

When I arrived, I was greeted with flowers on my floor step & a card! What a way to start off class right?  

She had posted that she recently collaborated on a new smoothie, so I also made sure I ordered one of those too.  

Overall verdict - DELICIOUS!  It has a great added kick to it because of the cinnamon and it really helped me recuperate after the INSANE class.  I ran a 10 speed at a 10% - never did that before, but since it was my birthday, why not go big right?  

In addition, me and the other bday gal in class were greeted with quest protein bars and a candle. So thoughtful!

If you're curious about trying out Barry's - click the link here to sign up for your first class:  

Erica & I post class

Erica & I post class

Glam Squad

Since my hubby was taking me out to a fancy dinner and I was exhausted from starting a new project earlier that week, I decided to treat myself to some beauty indulgences: eyelash fill, make-up and hair.  

Eyelashes: Malaya Skin Studio

I love the team over at Malaya Skin Studio.  They are located in Pacifica, CA and are seriously just THE BEST.  I met them when I followed my old lash artist, Tamara, when she came over here and have been hooked ever since.  

MJ, the owner, now does my lashes and she is just AMAZING!  Anytime I go anywhere, people will stop me and ask me 1) are those....real? 2) OMG who does them and when can I make an appointment?!  

She is truly a life saver and I adore her team for always working with me to make sure I can get an appointment when I need one.  Seriously, best customer service and lash service ever!  

If you want to make an appointment with them, click the link here: 

Make-up & Hair

Paul & I at Sephora (P

Paul & I at Sephora (P

I then went over to Sephora where I am a VIB Rouge (yes I spend that much $ on make-up and other beauty related items :P) and had an appointment with my new fav make-up artist, Paul.  He is in demand so I was lucky to have booked my appointment with him a few weeks in advanced. 

He's so much fun and so talented.  I loved my look and here are some of the fab products he used on me: 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

Kevyn Aucoin Contour Kit

If you want to learn more about the perks of VIB Rouge, click here:

Cinta Aveda Institute

There are certain things I am willing to pay extra money for, and one of them is my hair.  For haircuts and color - I am dedicated to going to Steel + Lacquer, a hair salon located in San Francisco, CA that my stylist, Lena, started with her biz partner Jarrod.  The photo below is from  Beauty Over Wine event that my girl Michelle hosted.  She's also an amazing stylist and is the queen of up-dos!

However, for wash & blow drys, I sometimes go to to the Cinta Aveda Institute.  The services are done by students who are supervised by their instructors. 

Pros: Super affordable, good products (all Aveda), overall pretty good service (I always ask for the most advanced students - they are pricier, but worth it in my opinion)

Cons: Not consistent (students come in & out), risk of issues with services (just know that coming in bc they are students - they are there to learn!)

My girl was great and got the job done!  She was super friendly made my hair like a VS model about to hit the runway! #IWantToBeGiGiHadid

Final look!

Final look!

The MINA Test Kitchen

The hubby picked me up from Cinta Aveda and we went straight to The MINA Test Kitchen where Ayesha Curry partnered with Michael Mina on their experimental pre-fixe collab: International Smoke.  

The Menu - We ordered the Deluxe so basically got EVERYTHING

The Menu - We ordered the Deluxe so basically got EVERYTHING

Our main: Ayesha's Jerked Turkey 

Our main: Ayesha's Jerked Turkey 

Tip 1:

If you order the deluxe, be prepared to eat A LOT.  For a tasting menu, they serve GENEROUS portions. I'm not joking.  

Mandatory couple shot

Mandatory couple shot

Tip 2: 

Order the drink pairing!  Unlike other pre-fixe spots, you can actually share your drink pairing with your date.  It's a pretty good deal! (Under $40).  Michael & Ayesha did a great job pairing the drinks with the dishes.  

Green Apple Granita with Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Caramel & Peanuts

Green Apple Granita with Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Caramel & Peanuts

Tip 3: 

Be kind to the staff!  They are seriously one of the nicest teams I've encountered in my dining experiences and they made my birthday dinner that much more enjoyable.  They work hard and really work hard to make your experience worth while.  

Brownie bites to end the evening 

Brownie bites to end the evening 

Tip 4: 

Eat the brownie upside down.  Our waitress told us that trick so that we could get the most flavor distribution out of the peanut butter mousse at the top.  And did it work?  Yes.

After Party


Fleet Week was happening this past weekend, so the bars were all so crowded!  I'm glad my friends and I were all able to meet here to grab drinks and catch up with each other after my dinner.  

I usually come here for Brunch, as you can see below.  However, some of my friends ordered some dishes and I was impressed with the food!  It looked pretty good (I was stuffed from International Smoke, I could not even think about eating!)

Make reservations for Belga here:

Boozy Nails & Brunch

Parlor San Francisco

One of my bff's, Katie, treated me to get my nails done at one of our favorite salons in Russian Hill: Parlor.  What we love about this place is the quality of work, friendly staff and the amount of prosecco you get to drink while they work on your fingers and toes.  

Make an appointment here:

Palm House

After we finished at Parlor, we walked down the street to Palm House where we had reservations for brunch.  

We both decided to try out the Palm House Slush - which is frozen rose (frose?) with the option to top it off with rum.  We actually decided we preferred it without rum, but when in Rome right? Our friends Robin and Diana also stopped by, so as you can imagine, our brunch was an extended boozy brunch :P 

Make reservations:

Tip: Outside seating is first come, first serve, so if that's something you REALLY want, get there early!

Overall, my birthday weekend was pretty awesome. I hope you check out some of the places above - they are all fab!