Bonjour Bon Marche

I am the type of person you see in San Francisco who loves going to new places when they first open and is willing to wait 2 hours in line to do so.  Annoying I know but whatever at least I own it (haha).  So when Bon Marche opened, I knew I had to check this place out. Lucky for me, my friend Katie shares my love for everything French so she came along with me for happy hour.  

When you first enter Bon Marche, you'll be greeted by the lovely host or hostess and their mini flower shop.  Yup, in case you need to buy your hot date a bouquet, they have you covered.  The interior feels like a cute bistro you could fine in France with the stripped oning over the bar.  

We were lucky that we were able to arrive before the crowds started coming in and didn't have to wait long. The menu isn't too extensive but they do have a good selection of appetizers and small plates to choose from with a few entrees.  We both had dinner plans later that evening so we opted to just order drinks and pommes frites (you can't go wrong with french fries with aioli right?)

Our bartender - aspiring writer and overall great guy

Our bartender - aspiring writer and overall great guy

My motto for new places is to try whatever the employees there recommend so that's what I did and I ordered the Belle de Jour - basically the french take on a pina colada. 

I drank about 4 of these delicious drinks.  The slight hang over the next day was totally worth it.