Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017


I enjoy drinking beer, but I am by no means an expert. So when I was invited to attend the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp in San Francisco - I figured why not?!

To top it off, the venue was literally right down the street from my apartment in Mission Bay, so I really had no excuse to not go.

I've attended other beer festivals but I was not quite prepared for how BIG this event would be.   There were HUNDREDS of beers to try out and thousands of attendees. TBH, I think the biggest event I attend had 30 beers and a couple hundred people, so I was a little overwhelmed and very excited all at once. 

To provide you some background on what this event is about and why it's such a big thing, check out the little blurb about the event:

This summer, Beer Camp is hitting the road on an eight-city festival tour, and every craft brewer in America is invited to join. Sponsored by the local craft brewers’ guilds in each city, festivals feature live music, street artists, food trucks and hundreds of beers for tasting including pours of the Beer Camp Across the World Collaboration
— Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

My favorite part of the whole event was that I had the opportunity to connect with many of the brewers directly and learned about their breweries, techniques and got to sample their finished product.

One fun fact I learned while there was that Northern California is the birth place of craft beer! Pretty cool that I got to attend #beercamp in the region where it all began :D

Now, even though I learned a lot from this experience, I'm by no means a beer aficionado. However, what I lack in beer knowledge I make up for by being a master strategist, so I put together a list of tips on how to enjoy (and survive!) #beercamp

Cherlyn's Tips For Enjoying (And Surviving) #beercamp

  • PACE YOURSELF - it's not a sprint, it's a MARATHON (of drinking and eating).
  • Download the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp App so you can map out and develop your drinking / eating strategy on who you want to visit during the event. 
  • Make it a point to try one of the limited edition/rare beers. You can check out the schedule on the time slots on when they are serving particular beers. I was strategic and really wanted to try out 21st Amendment's Watermelon Funk (a sour twist on their OG Watermelon Wheat Beer) and it did not disappoint. 
  • EAT -  There will be delicious food vendors. Yes there will be lines, but they move pretty quickly.  If you and your friends are adventurous, split up and order at the different stations so you can try out as many dishes as possible. 
Cheesy Hungarian goodness from Rill's Chimney Food Truck

Cheesy Hungarian goodness from Rill's Chimney Food Truck

Señor Sisig Burrito + Mozzeria Pepperoni Pizza

Señor Sisig Burrito + Mozzeria Pepperoni Pizza

  • Or do, as I discovered at this event, make a snack necklace so you can nosh on carbs while you sample beers.
  • DRINK WATER - that's obvious right?
  • Wear comfortable shoes - don't count on there being a lot of places to sit, plus why would you when you are trying to drink as many samples as possible?

If you're in one of the cities below, definitely check it out!

Long Beach, CA 6/24
Austin TX 6/24
Seattle, WA: 6/24

For more info, click here.