Kekao Fusion

I'm such a sucker for food delivery services.  I know that's weird for me to say since I operate a food blog, but real talk, I still work a full-time job and I frequently find myself having the issue of not being able to meal prep or I end up making some bad decisions and order some naughty food from a near by restaurant.  Honestly, when I have the option between french fries vs. a salad, I get weak and order the fries. 

In a random twist of fate, I took an Uber Pool one day and met Annie Wang.  She is bubbly, friendly and a chef from Seattle who recently launched her meal delivery service, Kekao Fusion  in San Francisco. Jackpot!  

We exchanged info and I decided to peep her Instagram account. As I scrolled through her feed, I knew she was the real deal and I wanted to try some of her cooking.

Lucky for me, Annie was nice enough to let me try out some sample meals this week.  

Photo Credit: Instagram @kekaofusion

My First Meal: Roasted Chicken Salad w/ a mixed vegetable medley & balsamic dressing

My First Meal: Roasted Chicken Salad w/ a mixed vegetable medley & balsamic dressing

My first impression was "WOW!! This girl gets me!" The portion was definitely generous and not in a bad way.  It FILLED ME UP, where I wasn't wanting to eat a side of fries after :P  In fact, I was satisfied and full of energy!

I loved the combination of spices (cinnamon played a big role in this which I really enjoyed) and how the flavors all worked together.  I wish I could tell you the other spices, but I'm so bad at that guessing game :P 

Another fabulous thing about Kekao is that Annie infuses Asian flavors and recipes into her dishes - which is big for me because it's what I primarily eat on a daily basis. So, to have healthy asian-inspired food delivered to me? Yes please.  

Photo Credit: Instagram (@kekaofusion)

Interested on getting on the Kekao delivery list?  Click here for details.

PS - be on the lookout for my upcoming episode with Annie later this year!