Keeping Austin Weird: A list of my favorite spots

Ok, another friend of mine (hey Laura!) asked me for some trips about another fabulous city here in the US, Austin!  I have been there a total of two times for two bachelorette parties this past year, so I feel comfortable giving a few pointers on where to go and what to do.  

1. Torchy's Tacos

The tacos here are insane.  This is a lot coming from a girl who grew up eating amazing mexican food in So. Cal and in Mexico.  I was so impressed and actually crave this place from time to time.  I wanted to eat here at least once a day.  Tip: the tacos are substantial, so two was enough for me.  Also please order some queso to share - it's the best!

2. Zilker Park

Great place to walk around and is close to Barton Springs as well.  You can catch great views of the city skyline as well.  

3. Bars Bars and Bars on 6th Street

So 6th street is broken up into 3 parts: West, East and and Dirty 6th.  If you're looking rage and club and party - Dirty 6th is where you want to be.  Here is a great list of recommendations for you to check out:

4. Rainey Street

The container bar was my favorite place.  That's's a bar made up of moving containers. Definitely check it out:

5. Salty Sow (Restaurant)

It was such good southern food.  I really enjoyed everything we ate here.  Also the service is top-notch!

5. South Congress Street

This is classic Austin - aka it lives up to the mantra "Keep Austin Weird".  This street is filled with shops, bars (indoor/outdoor) and is pretty fun to wander around during the day.  If you're in the market for cowboy boots, definitely check Allen's Boots

If you love coffee like me, then please visit Jo's Coffee shop.  They seriously have THE BEST iced coffee.  It's so delicious and great to sip on while walking up and down SoCo.  

6. Lambert's BBQ

My favorite BBQ spot in Austin.  It's fancier, but it is AMAZING!  Definitely will come back when I'm in Austin again.  


If you don't end up staying at a hotel, I recommend renting this palace right here with your friends: 

It was AMAZING!!!!

Our photoshoot inside the house #StefsBach // Art Direction: Alex Do

Our photoshoot inside the house #StefsBach // Art Direction: Alex Do

7. Gourdough's Donuts

We have all been there at some point: you've drank a lot and you need a snack to help you fight the morning-after hang over.  Well, lucky for you, Gourdough's is there to save the day and provide you with delicious donuts late into the evening.  

Travel Tips

Uber or Lyft are no longer in Austin at the moment, and this is not an easy town to get around. It's more LA vs. SF in that sense.  So, I recommend checking out this list from Zebra:

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Hope you have an amazing time in Austin Laura and hope my tips help you out!  Do any of you have any Austin favorites that I missed?  Let me know!