QCutter: How to be a VIP at a food truck park

Check out my experience using a new app: QCutter to cut the lines at Off The Grid at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  Our time is precious - why wait in line when you can spend more of your time eating and enjoying that experience instead?  

Learn more about my experience here

Filmed by: David Tang
Edited: Cherlyn Medina
Music: Lucky Day (Jingle Punks); Bounce it (Silent Partner) 

All Rights Reserved: The Buttery Existence 2016
Special thank you to QCutter & Ari Feingold

Milking the Soy with Kim

My friend Kim is a renaissance woman: accomplished financier, world traveler, wood carver, and amazing chef. In this video, she tells me her story as to why she decided to start making her own tofu from scratch.

To learn more about Kim's story, check it out here!

Video Production: David Tang/Jen Low/Nichole Carlson

Music: RMedina Music

All rights reserved: The Buttery Existence 2016